Financial Independence

It has been said that you cannot work or save your way to financial Independence, which is defined as the ‘length of time that you can comfortably live without the need to work or exchange time for money.’

Indeed many of us have got into the trap of working more and more yet not achieving the happiness or lifestyle that we really want haven’t we?

At YourLocalInvestment it is our true purpose to help people to financial Independence.

We believe that it is the right of everyone to be in such a position, that there is more than enough money in the world for us all to be millionaires and that there is a simple system that we can follow in order to achieve the lifestyle we desire: This is where YourLocalInvestment was conceived.

Without investing capital and making our money work for us, we will never be in a position to do the things in life that we really want to do. Savings are no longer enough due to low interest and high inflation. As soon as we start to live from savings they diminish, and money from earnings will only come for as long as we are working.



Leverage is absolutely vital in making business and investment successful, and a very prevalent part of the YourLocalInvestment model. If you want financial independence, you need to utilise leverage.

With time being our most precious commodity and a healthy balance sheet [money] being the best way to free up more time, let’s look at Leverage:

Leverage of Finances

There are many ways to leverage capital. In order to attain financial independence (that is the amount of time that we can live the lifestyle we desire without having to work), we need to invest. Working or exchanging time for money will never make us financially independent because as soon as we lose our ability to work, [burn out, illness, injury, loss of motivation, family commitments] then we no longer have income, and none of us want that do we?

Did you know that over 40% of the Times top 100 rich list have earned their fortunes through property investment?!

Of all the investment vehicles we have looked at (and we have looked at many), property is the best in our opinion from the following viewpoints:

The leverage that you can attain through property is like no other investment vehicle available in our experience. You can leverage your money at 10 times over with just a standard 90% mortgage, and that is not factoring in any growth.

Using other people’s money, (the bank’s money) will be key to making a success of your finances.

Leverage of Time

(Including other people). In the YourLocalInvestment Model we effectively leverage the money loaned by the bank to purchase assets for you up to 10 times the value you would be able to using just your own money.

You leverage our time and expertise to do this so that you can live your own life.

Now believe us when we say that to invest in property effectively you need to nurture it like a business. It takes a full time job, and that is what we do for you.

We also leverage a tenant who pays your mortgage for you; servicing your debt and growing your asset base and net worth in the process.


If you put down a 25% deposit, you are buying a home worth four times this and the increase in its value is multiplied compared to your cash. If your £100,000 deposit for a £400,000 house sat in the bank goes up by 4%, it will rise to £104,000, but if the property goes up by 4% it will go up by £16,000. Your deposit is still 25% of the home’s cost, but the monetary gap has stretched from £300,000 to £312,000.


Ideally, savers will want a savings rate that is either 20% or 40% higher than inflation, depending on whether they pay higher or lower rate tax as this will be deducted from returns.

Sadly, it is impossible to achieve this currently. CPI inflation is running at 4%, while the best instant access savings account pays 2.9% from the Post Office.


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