20th February, 2018


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YourLocalInvestment save you time and make you money by building and managing a ‘hands-free’ Property Portfolio that you could retire on; Enjoying long term financial independence.

We look after the entire process of investing in property & helping to secure your financial independence by managing the following processes completely for you:


The Process

  1. Property Sourcing and Acquisition – We will use our expertise and contacts to source ‘Below Market Value’ properties. We will take care of the survey, valuation and conveyance process.
  2. Detailed Investment Analysis and Appraisal – A comprehensive financial analysis will be completed on the property, to ensure our investors are able to make an informed financial decision.
  3. Refurbishment and Development – Our Refurbishment Manager will engage the refurbishment team to complete any required work within agreed timescales (a full detailed list of works with projected costs will have been provided as part of the financial analysis).
  4. Interior and Architectural Design – carried out by our in-house team .
  5. Licences, Consents, Planning Applications – obtained by our team.
  6. Corporate Lettings – Wherever possible we aim to work with the corporate sector.
  7. Property & Investment Management – We will ensure the property is let in the quickest possible time, usually before the paint is dry! We can also arrange insurance policies on your behalf.
  8. Remortgage – Usually 8 months after initial purchase. This is an important part of the procedure as we endeavour to extract as much of the deposit and refurbishment money from the deal, thereby creating what is fundamentally known as a ‘no money down’ deal. If we are not able to extract all deposit/refurb money at this stage, we simply wait for market valuations to increase.
  9. Strategic Investment Advice and Planning – Our recommended broker, 1st Financial Group, can also offer comprehensive advice or point you in the right direction.


As you will know if you have tried property yourself, these processes take time, energy, experience and knowledge.However if you just wanted us to source the deal, then we could go through points 1 and 2 before handing over to you.

The whole process can be tailored to suit your needs, contact us now to discuss your personalised service.


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Are You Sitting on an Asset!

Some people who have invested with us have accessed their money through re-mortgage of their existing home.

Many people did not even realise they could do this and the extent of the asset they were literally sitting on!

The major benefit of this strategy is that your income and savings are not impacted in any way. If you have a property with sufficient equity in it, you could use the following strategy to invest without increasing your outgoings:


A typical example:

Your Existing Property(home)

  • Property Worth £250,000
  • Repayment mortgage of £100,000 at £700pcm approx
  • £150,000 equity

Your Remortgage

  • New mortgage of £187,500 (75% of £250,000)
  • New Interest only repayments of approx £592 pcm (or £968 pcm for repayment)
  • Old mortgage paid off leaving £87,500 (less fees)

Investment Strategy

  • Bank Contingency of £22,000
  • Fees £3,000
  • Deposits £35,000
  • Bank increase in mortgage payments for 6 years: £27,500


With no change to your current circumstances you can set up your long term future for life!


Contact an independent broker to find out if you can access cash fast:

call Justin at 1st financial today


Lenders have adopted a very scrict criteria for those applying for loans.

You can check your credit score here –


We would recommend remortgaging over selling because:

  • There would be no disposal costs
  • Your property would remain tenanted meaning there would be no gap in rental income. You would still have the benefit of holding an appreciating asset allowing future re-mortgages and so therefore further profits
  • You would not pay capital gains tax as it is classed as further borrowing by the inland revenue as long as no disposal is made in the future, which in our opinion has no benefit, in most circumstances
  • You would continue to own your asset: selling it will make you 60% of your gain (40% taxed) & then someone else will benefit from your growing asset


Investment Property

Purchase Price: £105,000

Revaluation: £130,000

  • 20-30% Deposit: £20,000 – £30,00
  • Legal costs inc search fees: £1,000
  • Valuation Fee x2 (1 for initial purchase and re-mortgage): £750
  • 3 months mortgage payment whilst refurbishing: £1,500
  • Renovation Cost: £3,000 – £6,000
  • Contingency Fund: £5,500

The figures are different for every deal and so these are as a guideline only.