20th February, 2018


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YourLocalInvestment is owned by Francis and Jane Dolley



Before investing in property I ran my own small building company for 20 years, I employed several people full time and took on subcontractors as and when needed. I have always had an interest in property – the history, the structure and the build process. The turning point for me was when I read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki, swiftly followed by ‘The 44 most closely guarded property secrets’ by Rob Moore and Mark Homer (both highly recommended), the light had been turned on! From this point I set goals, researched and educated myself on the ways of property investing. I am enrolled in an ongoing training program with established investors Progressive Property.


I worked as a local government accountant for many years and often had to work late into the evening to meet strict deadlines. Balancing a demanding job, hectic social life and busy family life left me exhausted, making it difficult to spend quality time with the people I care for most. The shift into property investing was to enable us to become financially free and have time to enjoy life.


I joined YourLocalInvestment full time in the summer of 2010, after a few years of working part-time, fitted around study. I have a background in building work, having worked for a construction company for three years before studying architecture and planning at the University of the West of England and gaining a BA(Hons) Built and Natural Environment. I also have a diploma in Interior Design, which proves useful during refurbs. My main role within YourLocalInvestment is deal sourcing. I also deal with any planning issues and draw all the necessary CAD plans, sections and elevations.


My background is in the construction industry, initially ‘hands on’ before moving on to project management, I have worked on a wide variety of projects giving me an insight into the whole building and refurbishment process. My university education was in IT and programming, which enables me to handle all technical support for the company as well as designing and publishing our websites (including this one). Along with Emily I handle the deal sourcing, finding BMV properties for our clients and overseeing the refurbishment teams.


We began 2010 with two rental properties; a two bed house in Bridgwater and a six bed student house in Bristol. By the end of the year we had increased our portfolio to ten rental properties, we also assisted our son in purchasing an excellent property, leaving only £5k in the deal. Our properties have an average yield of 12.6% and were bought on average 26% below market value.


We continued to grow both our clients and our own portfolios with carefully chosen stock. Due to lending restrictions, we were (and still are) actively seeking out private investors looking for short term returns and also those looking for long term growth. We now have two new employees who specialise in architecture and drawing plans, and IT and websites. We also continued our property education, it is crucial to keep up to date with the latest market developments and investing techniques.


Whilst continuing to provide investors with great returns, 2012 also saw the launch of a new initiative for us. We have many strategies which supply ample returns for people looking to invest with us, but we often spoke to people who wanted to get into property or investing but simply didn’t have the capital needed to get started. After some careful research and planning we came up with ‘The Multi-Let Cashflow System’ technique. Spear-headed by Francis and Emily, this property strategy, which took only 4 months to implement and has small start-up costs, now provides us with over £5k cash flow every month! This instant income will allow people to build up a fund much more quickly and free up their time with some hands-off investing with us. If you want to find out more about ‘Multi-Let Without the Sweat’ please click to Francis’ website, or get in contact with us.


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