20th February, 2018


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The UK property market has a long and established track record of constant growth over many years. Due in part to the recent economic downturn more and more people are turning to property to secure a passive income, support pensions and increase wealth.

The YourLocalInvestment Blueprint is a totally systemised approach to buying property as a vehicle for becoming financially independent.

The continued process of sourcing at considerable discount (up to 33% BMV), valuation & purchase, refurbishment & revaluation produces a buying process that, excluding fees, can be achieved with little money 'left in' a property; or a high or potentially infinite ROI (return on investment).

'This system has become hugely popular with the continual demise of a secure pension, the solid investment case for purchasing existing property & the care & attention to detail that have enabled Francis & Jane to become serious property investors.'

YourLocalInvestment has been born out of various experiences within the property market & the fine tuning & development of a consistent business model since 2009

Here at YourLocalInvestment, we are looking for investors and joint venture partners. We can offer the complete service for those who would like to invest in property but do not have the time or knowledge to do so.

We can offer a guaranteed return far exceeding the rates currently being offered by the banks. We can also assist clients who wish to build property portfolios

Investing in residential property is truly established within the UK private investor's mindset. The stability that an investor gets in purchasing a property in a good area that he or she knows will only grow in value in real terms over a period of time and give good yield returns year on year has only helped to underline in the psyche of the investor the inherent strengths of bricks and mortar for long term investment.

YourLocalInvestment take a proactive attitude to investment within the property sector and offer our clients a functional and all encompassing process that allows us to keep everything in house therefore allowing us to maximise a property's potential and thereafter the returns.